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Over the last years there has been a dramatic increase in catalytic converters theft due to the massive increase in precious metals prices. Catalytic converter theft has become a real problem for many car and truck owners, due to the presence of 4 precious metals that are used in manufacturing catalytic converters. These are gold, platinum, palladium and rhodium. Each stolen catalytic converter can be sold on the black market for a good price $$$ depending on the size and interior precious metal quantities.

EXPRESS AutoCare have the solution and can help you to discourage robbers against Catalytic Converter Theft. With the installation of a theft-prevention device or a custom-made according to your vehicle need. You can count on our specialists to protect your investment. We are specialists in SUVs, Vans, Buses and Motorhome RVs.

It is necessary to schedule two appointments for custom-made catalytic converter theft-prevention device, the first appointment to take vehicle’s chassis all necessary measurements and tracing (a sketch), send the sketch with all collected measurements to the designer to make a production industrial drawing according to your vehicle’s needs. This drawing will then be sent to manufacturing plant for production.

The deadlines for custom manufacturing are estimated at more or less two weeks. Thereafter, will come the second appointment for installation (example, having your vehicle a day before and get it back the next day).

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Catalytic Converter Theft

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Manufacturing Steps


Measurement & Tracing

Taking vehicle’s chassis all necessary measurements and tracing (a sketch), for custom-made catalytic converter theft-prevention device. It is important to maintain an easy access for the technician in the event of a diagnosis or replacement of a defective part on the exhaust system or the catalytic converter.


Machining & Manufacturing

Send the sketch with all collected measurements to the designer to make a production industrial drawing according to your vehicle’s needs. This drawing will then be sent to manufacturing plant for production.


Finishing & Installation

The installation is done keeping in mind all the vehicle technical and mechanical aspects, using as much as possible on vehicle’s chassis original fixings points to eliminate any vibrations that could be caused by exhaust system or the catalytic converter.


The Price

The cost for custom manufacturing varies depending on the material used, either aluminum or steel. In addition, it is necessary to consider installation time can also vary depending on fixings points and materials used.

Expert Advice

  • Priority Services

    By implementing these priority services we can help you strengthen the security of your vehicle against catalytic converter theft.against catalytic converter theft.

    Priority services for catalytic converter theft protection may include:

    Rapid manufacturing and installation of anti-theft devices:
    - We offer you a fast service, custom-made manufacturing and installation of anti-theft devices such as boxes, plates or protective cages according to your vehicle needs.

  • Service Tips

    When looking for service tips to protect your catalytic converter from theft, here are some important recommendations to consider:

    Installation of a specific anti-theft device:
    - Consult an auto service professional to install an anti-theft device specifically designed to protect your catalytic converter. These devices may include catalytic converter locks, roll cages, skid plates, etc. Make sure you choose a device that fits your vehicle and provides effective protection.

    Catalytic Converter Engraving:
    - Have your catalytic converter marked with a unique serial number or specific identification. This may make the catalytic converter less attractive to thieves, as it may be more difficult to sell on the black market.

    Using A Vehicle Alarm:
    - Install a vehicle alarm that includes a shock or motion sensor. If someone tries to steal your catalytic converter, the alarm can be triggered, attracting attention and deterring thieves.

    Secure Parking:
    - Park your vehicle in a safe, well-lit location whenever possible. Avoid leaving your vehicle parked in isolated or poorly lit areas where thieves could act discreetly.

    - Check with your car insurance company to see if your policy covers catalytic converter theft. If not, consider adding theft coverage to your insurance policy to protect yourself financially in the event of theft.

    - By following these service tips, you can help protect your catalytic converter from theft and keep your vehicle safe. If you have specific questions or concerns, do not hesitate to consult an auto care professional for personalized advice.

  • Avantages

    Anti-Theft Devices for catalytic converters offer several significant benefits for vehicle owners. Here are some of the main benefits:

    Protection Against Theft :
    - The main advantage of anti-theft devices for catalytic converters is that they effectively deter thieves. By making it more difficult to access the catalytic converter or securing it with locks or protective cages, these devices significantly reduce the risk of theft.

    Money Saving:
    - Replacing a stolen catalytic converter can be extremely expensive due to the high price of parts and the labor required for installation. By investing in an anti-theft device, vehicle owners can avoid unexpected expenses related to the theft of their catalytic converter.

    Preservation Vehicle Value:
    - Vehicles with a stolen catalytic converter may suffer significant damage and their resale value may be affected. By protecting their catalytic converter with an anti-theft device, owners can maintain the value of their vehicle and avoid costly repairs.

    Reduction Downtime:
    - By preventing the theft of their catalytic converter, vehicle owners can also avoid the extended downtime associated with replacing the stolen part. This allows them to continue using their vehicle without unwanted interruption.

    Reduction Insurance Premiums:
    - Some insurance companies may offer premium reductions to owners of vehicles equipped with catalytic converter anti-theft devices because these devices reduce the risk of theft and associated claims.

    Peace Of Mind:
    - Knowing that their catalytic converter is protected by an anti-theft device can provide vehicle owners with added peace of mind. They can feel safer leaving their vehicle parked in public or unattended places, knowing that their catalytic converter is secure.

    In summary, catalytic converter anti-theft devices provide essential protection against theft, while providing economic, environmental and peace-of-mind benefits to vehicle owners. Investing in these devices can be a wise decision to protect your vehicle and its valuable components.